FHI Heat

FHI Heat The Waver Pro Dual Barrel Waver



The Waver Pro Dual Barrel Waver is designed to create deep waves, beach waves, or crimped waves! Featuring two 1” barrels, The Waver features tourmaline ceramic with HydraHeat™ Technology to seal the cuticle and create luminous, long lasting waves on all hair types.


-Double Barrel Waver
Smooth, curl or wave hair in less time than a traditional iron!

-Unique Styles, Endless Styling Possibilties
Provides ease of use and helps hair glide through plates quickly

-Tourmaline Ceramic with Magnesium
Instantly smooths hair and elimiates frizz

-Edge to Edge Ceramic Heater
Offers even temperature and high speed heat recovery

-Digital Temperature Control
Provides precise styling for all hair types

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