FHI Heat

FHI Heat Kore Spring Grip Curling Iron - 1"


Three Classic Sizes
The FHI Heat KORE Spring Grip Curling Irons are the most professional and sophisticated thermal tools available for creating ringlets, spirals and waves exactly where and how you want them. They're available in three classic sizes - 3/4-inch for a tight curl pattern, a medium-sized 1-inch barrel and the big daddy 1 3/4-inch barrel for large voluminous waving.

RapidTek™ Technology
The KORE Curling Irons offer the widest temperature range available - 200°F to 4100°F (600°C-2320°C)and heat up fast, thanks to FHI heat's newest generation oversized ceramic RapidTek™ heater. In fact, it heats up five times faster than the typical copper coil heaters, which are commonly used in other curling irons. As a result, once you choose the desired styling temperature, the iron holds it, enhancing the memory of the curl or wave for consistent, long-lasting results.

The KORE Curling Irons feature anodized aluminum barrels, which provide an ultra smooth, non-stick surface. Anodized aluminum efficiently conducts heat, resulting in very even heating across the entire styling surface. Anodizing creates a sealed, non-porous surface that makes it ideal for upstyling and eases slippage when hair spray is used.

Anodized Aluminum Barrels
These anodized barrels are so durable that they are second in hardness only to diamonds and have a melting point of 12210°F! The anodizing process creates a deep rich metallic luster that will not fade or tarnish over time, is resistant to chipping, peeling and scratching and is extremely easy to maintain. Plus, the anodizing process is non-harmful, has virtually no environmental impact and creates aluminum surfaces that are fully recyclable.

Nano-Fuzeion™ Technology
Just like the KORE Styling Irons, the KORE Curling Irons also contain FHI Heat's proprietary Nano-Fuzeion™ technology, a unique combination of Nano-Titanium, Nano-Titanium Oxide and Nano-Silver particles that leaves the hair soft and shiny, while removing chemical build-up, toxins, bacteria, static and impurities. Tourmaline seals in moisture and color, leaving the hair silky smooth and shiny.

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