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Doe Lashes Fairy Collection Crescent

SKU: DOE-850018900652


Embodying a perfect blend of understated elegance and radiant character, our Crescent style lashes feature a rounded fiber pattern to give you that natural doe-eyed look.

Crafted with synthetic silk fibers, these clear band strip lashes offer a light-as-feather sensation and are comfortable enough for all-day wear.

This is more than just a beauty accessory - it's your natural allure amplified by the enchanting glow of the Crescent, a celestial experience designed for your everyday comfort and elegance.

- Lash Style Info
- Ultra-fine Korean silk fiber
- Clear & lightweight cotton band
- Handmade by artisans
- Hair Length (shortest and longest): 3mm to 10mm
- Band Length: 30mm

What it is: Our fairy lashes are lighter and more natural than ever before! These lashes are handcrafted with a thinner, clear lash band for maximum flexibility. Can be worn alone or with makeup. With proper after care, these lashes can be worn up to 15+ times.

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