dpHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub (9 oz.)


Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt naturally exfoliates the scalp, removing product build-up, impurities, and dead skin cells. Made with both fine and coarse grain pink salt mined in the Himalayan Mountains, the salt is a natural exfoliant packed with vitamins and minerals that dissolve in water to give you a deep clean. This color protecting formula is for all hair colors and hair types, and is made with Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera and Avocado Oil, to rebalance pH and soothes sensitive or irritated scalps -- dry, oily or combination. Like the skin on your face needs an occasional exfoliating cleanse, your scalp benefits from the same treatment. Add ACV Scalp Scrub to your weekly routine, or as needed, because a healthy scalp is the first step to healthy hair. Color safe formula, formulated without Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates, Gluten. Animal-friendly and vegan. Made in the USA using the highest-quality craft-produced Apple Cider Vinegar from George Paul Vinegary.

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