FHI Heat

FHI Heat Stay Beautiful Light Hold Dry Hair Spray - (10oz)



Feather-weight, humidity resistant dry hair spray that dries instantly and builds evenly for styling and restyling without adding weight to the hair. This dry hair spray leaves hair touchable and full of movement with incredible volume, body and shine. All Stylus haircare products are specially formulated to work hand-in-hand with each product while being able to style and restyle using thermal tools and provide maximum protection when styling hair. 

Why It’s Different:

  • Dry Hairspray: Unlike traditional hairsprays that have large moisture molecules that weight the hair down and attract dirt, Stay Beautiful is feather-light, dries instantly, and provides touchable control to any hair type
  • A “no-hairspray” hairspray with a light hold perfect for delicate waves, curls, and everyday use
  • Provides high gloss and shine without weighing hair down

How To Use: 

  • Apply to hair to hold style in place or as a finishing spray

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