JetStream Hair Brush by Dean Rhodes - Large


The JetStream hair brush is ad innovative brush that quickly dries and styles the hair while eliminating the need to use multiple brushes or styling tools.

The JetStream styling brush was designed with a special feature to maximize the surface area being styled and dried at any given time during the blowdrying process.  Our revolutionary groove design directs airflow to the top and bottom of the hair section simultaneously, maximizing drying and styling efficiency.

Product Features:

  • Slip resistent handle
  • Ideal for all hair types and lengths
  • Proven patent pending technology
  • Straightens like a flat iron without distorting the cuticle
  • Achieves curl or bend like a curling iron with round edges
  • Made with the highest professional quality materials

JetStream Shape

The design of the conventional round brushes that are used to smooth hair is flawed becuase large round brushes cannot get access to the scalp in order to smooth hair from the very base of the hair roots.  Access to this section of the hair is essential, which is why the JetStream brush was designed with an oval shape.  JetStream users can use  the thinner edges of the brush to gain access to this hard to reach area while brow drying and creating body.

JetStream's shape also does the work that usually requires two brushes or a hot styling tool.  The JetStream brush's shape has a flat panel for straightening hair, but round edges for creating curl and bend as well.  While users can create curl and gain access to hard to reach areas with the skinnier rounded sides of the brush, they can also use the flat panel sides of the brush as a smoothener and a straightener.


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