QR Cream

QR Cream - Quick Relief Pain Cream (2.64oz/75g)

QR Cream is the first and only pain cream to contain Mannitol. Specifically formulated to provide fast acting and long lasting pain relief for those with mild to severe *nerve* pain and discomfort. Deep penetrating formula delivers the ingredients to the area of pain under the skin and calms the skin nerves. Can be applied to any part of the body to help relieve tingling, aching, or burning nerve pain. Safe to use and available without a prescription in USA and Canada. One of its key ingredients, Mannitol (30%), is not found in any other commercially available pain cream, and the topical application of this ingredient has been issued in patents in the USA and Canada. Safe to use and approved by FDA.

Can be used for: (1) Nerve related pain, (2) Arthritis pain, (3) Post Herpetic Neuralgia, (4) Peripheral Neuropathy, (5) or, any pain or discomfort that is mediated by superficial cutaneous nerves (from migraines to insect bites and itchy psoriasis).

Scientifically proven. Clinically tested.

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